Producing quality products in the complex premiums, promotions and collectible toy world, requires tight operations control, strong engineering capabilities and creative cost analysis, from the initial design to the final packaging stage.


Our integrated manufacturing capabilities ensure quality control of our premiums, promotions and our collectible toy products. With our own facilities in the People's Republic of China, Brazil and international offices, we can support all your manufacturing needs.


To make sure your premiumspromotions, and collectible toys are of top quality, we engage in strict and demanding quality control practices. Working under social accountability international standards, specializing in food inserts and we are in compliance with international stringent standards such as: CPSIA, EN-71, Reach and any known standard. Our factories have been approved by ICTI, GSV, ISO Standards.


We work with major laboratories such as: Bureau Veritas, SGS, ITS Ram, and all our products are fully inspectedby these labs before shipment overseas.