Back in 1986, when we first started the business, our main motto was "Something instead of nothing".  A quarter of a century later, this still rings true. Free offers can lighten up a child's face and make brands and retailer engagements memorable.


Your challenge is our passion and we are proud to say that we've succeeded in bringing a magical spark into each and every idea making it appeal to all ages - young and old. 


We are unique among other premium and promotions providers in the original innovation we bring to the table.


Having the know-how to turn premiums into brands; we're the proud parents of the patented Beyblade Spinners, Metal Rappers, Gogo's Crazybones, Wikkeez, Abatons, Kaptors and many more to come.


We can produce in our China Factory, novelty products  such as Coca Cola Mini Bottles, and numerous other ideas that make well executed premium campaigns.


Our focus on quality, on-time delivery and on-budget execution, makes us the prime choice.


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