Minibottles Coca Cola® 2015 for the

second time a complete success!


PPI Worldwide along with Coca Cola developed Mini-garrafinhas,

a great promotion in Brazil that was a real hit for the second time!


The Mini-bottles were part of the second phase of the campaign

"Drinking a Coca-Cola® with the Folks". There were 15 different models

of minigarrafinhas that could be customized with options for 150 names

and 9 expressions, with adhesives available in red, black, white or

glow in the dark; which could be stacked in the Miniengradado

(Mini-crate for Mini-bottles).



For every 3 points on Coca Cola products + R$4 a Mini-bottle

or Mini-bottle crate could be obtained in the official point of trade.There

were also exclusive promotions at Mc Donald's and Shell Select.


The promotion was valid from February to June 2015.



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