Client: Carrefour Belgium

Product: Gogo's Megatrip and Mega Gogo's

Country: Belgium


The Challenge: In a market characterized by supermarkets offering points and coupons, Carrefour Belgium wanted to have a striking loyalty campaign.


The Solution: To innovate the market, PPI Worldwide offered a collectible toy for a short-term impact on sales, for a longer term impact.  PPI Worldwide created a new promotional Gogo's Crazy Bones series named "Megatrip" and with each purchase of 20 Euros, customers received a free Gogo's packet only if the purchase contained certain in-house brands. The campaign was supported by billboards, TV advertising, radio and web presence, based on our Gogo's platform.


Results: This campaign brought about a 90% increase in sales of in-house brands and a 5% increase in total turnover, despite an employee strike that occurred during the promotion.



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